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Net Motion Utilities

Always On: Keeping Utilities Connected

Maintaining reliable service is a top priority in an era of increased regulation and stagnant growth. The challenge for utilities is to become more operationally efficient, improve service and preserve financial health.
Here's How NetMotion Wireless Software Can Help:

Greater customer service: Giving your mobile workforce, such as service and meter technicians, access to customer data, improving the overall customer-service capability of the company.

Increased productivity: Making workers more productive and mobile deployments more efficient through greater insight into public cellular networks.

Enhanced management: Providing you with the insight you need to understand which wireless technologies, plans and resources are working well, which aren’t, and why so you can make the most of your investmentg.
Mobile Deployment Results

In a recent survey of utilities customers using NetMotion Wirless Mobility XE:

    48% of respondents said that workers were able to accomplish more tasks during the workday
    42%  said they had noted an increase in overall productivity of their field workers, with an average productivity increase of 20 percent
    42% said that their workers were able to spend more time in the field
    89% declared that NetMotion Wireless software was either “very important” or “important” to the success of their mobile deployments

Learn More:

For more information about how Mobility XE can help your organization thrive, download the utilities white paper, “Deploying Mobility XE in the Utility Industry.”

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